03. Thomas Jefferson (1801 - 1809)

Party: Democratic Republican / Jeffersonian Republican

Vice Presidents: Aaron Burr; George Clinton


  • Naturalization Act of 1802 (return to 5 years residency requirement)
  • Marbury v. Madison 1803 refutes Judiciary Act of 1798
  • Lewis & Clark Expedition 1804-1805
  • Ratification of the 12th Amendment (resolves election 1800 fiasco)
  • Impeachment proceedings against Associate Justice Samuel Chase 1804
  • Conspiracies of Aaron Burr
  • Secession attempt on New England states
  • Duel with Hamilton after Hamilton foils the plot; Hamilton is killed and Burr runs off to Louisiana Territory
  • Secession attempt with Louisiana Territory
  • Invasion of Mexico to extend “New Confederacy”
  • Burr betrayed by co-conspirator General James Wilkinson, Burr acquitted of treason charges, flees to Europe
  • Invasion of United States by France
  • Embargo Act of 1807 hurts domestic industry and trade by cutting off intercourse with Britain and France and other nations


  • S. Marines sent to Tripoli to suppress the challenge to American merchant marine freedoms of the Barbary Pirates (1801-1805)
  • Spain refutes “right of deposit” from Pinckney Treaty 1802
  • Louisiana Purchase is 828,000 acres at 3 cents per acre to create an “Empire of Liberty” [April 30, 1803]
  • British Orders in Council restrict American shipping 1806
  • Embargo Act of 1807 is intended to punish Britain and France for posturing and threatening American merchant marine interests
  • Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 reopens international trade except with Britain and France – leads to War of 1812 with Britain