22. Grover Cleveland (1885-1889)

 Known as: "Grover the Good" and was a Bachelor

Party: Democrat – “Though the people support the government, the government should not support the people.”

Vice President – Thomas A. Hendricks


  • Mudslinging was a major aspect of the election of 1884: Cleveland was guilty of having a child out of wedlock in an affair with a widow – he admitted to it rather than lie about it
  • Knights of Labor 1886 peaked in membership (700,000 in 1885), but then because of the Haymarket Riot and competition from the American Federation of Labor, it declined sharply this year
  • Wabash v. Illinois 1886 – states cannot regulate interstate commerce
  • Haymarket Riot 1886 saw seven policemen killed by a bomb, four demonstrators killed by the police during the McCormick Harvester Machine Company Strike; eight anarchists were arrested
  • Interstate Commerce Act 1887 established a five-member Interstate Commerce Commission to enforce the new requirement that all railroad charges should be fair and reasonable [February 4, 1887]


  • German Colonial Empire established from 1883-1885
  • Russian troops clash with Afghani troops in Afghanistan 1885, leading to a near war between Russia and Great Britain
  • Balkan War between Bulgaria and Serbia over territory 1885-1886
  • Treaty of Peace and Amity 1886-1887 established in Central America
  • First Mediterranean Agreement between Great Britain and Italy along with Austria (orchestrated by German Chancellor Bismarck to keep the status quo in the Mediterranean) [February 12, 1887]
  • Renewal of the Triple Alliance between Germany, Italy, and Austria secured by German Chancellor Bismarck
  • Succession and Death of Emperor Frederick III of Germany 1888
  • Succession of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany 1888