17. Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)

First president to undergo impeachment process

Party: Republican

Vice President – None appointed to vacancy


  • Amnesty Plan of 1865 to bring the South back into the Union
  • Military Reconstruction Plan of 1867 was the replacement of Johnson’s more lenient plan: divided the un-readmitted Southern states into five military districts using Federal troops to enforce laws and oversee re-admission to the Union requiring the following:
  • States must hold a convention
  • States must write new constitutions
  • States must allow black men to vote
  • States must elect a governor and state legislature
  • States must ratify the 14th Amendment
  • Radical Republicans rejected Johnson’s reconstruction plans, favoring more punishment and putting forth the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments along with the Freedmen’s Bureau and wrote a civil rights act
  • Tenure of Office Act passed over Presidential veto to make it illegal for the President to dismiss officials approved by the Senate [March 2, 1867]
  • 13th Amendment was abolition of slavery 1865
  • 14th Amendment was Federal and State citizenship 1868
  • Impeachment Trial 1868 over his firing of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton: House of Representatives impeaches; Senate fails to impeach
  • KKK formed in the Southern states

                        MAJOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS:

  • Alaska purchased from Russia for $7,200,000
  • Emperor Maximillian of Mexico executed after Emperor Napoleon III of France withdraws support
  • Suez Canal opened by Empress Eugénie of France