Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Period 1


Steve Jobs has contributed a great deal to a revolution of technology. Steve Jobs is an inspiration to entrepreneurs following their dreams. Job’s founding of Apple has not only affected citizens of the United States but the whole world. Jobs is idolized by possessing dedication and faith in himself and others who have worked on projects together. Once the brand Apple had been unworthy, however now in the 21st century Apple has become one of the most valuable brands following a net worth of 624 billion dollars. This statistic is a definition that anything is possible if one has determination and faith.


Period. 1


Steve Jobs formally known as the creator of iconic Apple. Jobs didn’t have a easy direction to a multi billion empire. Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 25, 1955. At birth he was given up for adoption, and soon adopted by Clara and Paul jobs. At  a young age Jobs was introduced to electronics by his father. The tedious job soon developed into a hobby and had advanced his knowledge. After graduating high school he pursued college but nothing caught his eye like calligraphy; Calligraphy was the source of inspiration for typography incorporated.

Jobs had crossed paths with his former partner Steve Wozniak. Wozniak and Jobs started to create smaller,cheaper, and accessible computers for everyday users. Their success began with the Apple 2. The sales had increased the sales to 200 million and was aiming for a new market for personal computers.

NeXT had been his following project after being accused of instigating Apple’s business. The computer wasn’t as a big hit due to the cost. The computer had backtracked in black and white screen and the software wasn’t able to run the common software. The unsuccessful project was soon bought by Apple and jobs was the CEO for Apple once again.

Apple products are being used widely and is continued to be argued to be the greatest inventions of all time. The products are appealed by the conveniency and how easy they products are used. Jobs made products from music to  pocket accessibility. Jobs has contributed greatly, americans are very loyal to apple products continuing to buy iphones,ipads,ipods, and macbooks. Jobs did contribute the most. Smartphone users are very dependent on their phones and can’t imagine life without one. He is truly a legend and his products will forever live on.