George Washington

George Washington

                                                                                                                                                Group 5

                                                                                                                                                 Period 1

George Washington POTY Summary

            George Washington, a founding father, the first president, it is just an all

in one for this man. He is the foundations of America itself, as he has set the

limits on presidency, morals of presidents and so much more. With this

foundation being set, he is one beast of a man, fighting on the front lines

himself and becoming one of the toughest Americans to ever come to

existence. George Washington served from 1789 to 1797 which was

eightyears, 2 terms, and this also set the foundation as to why we only allow

presidents to serve two terms, (excluding one of course.) Washington actually

served in the military also, achieving the rank of General of the Armies, which

is a tremendous rank and a tremendous honor to achieve. He was a strongly

opposed to dictatorship, that’s why Washington never felt the desire to grasp

for power, as  he was against it. Washington was a supporter of Alexander

Hamilton, who was a federalist, but Washington was not a federalist himself.

He advocated strongly AGAINST political parties and foreign affairs, but the

following presidents appearantly felt not need to listen to Washington on that

opinion and they immediately began political parties and foreign affairs, with

the first being Federalists and Democratic Republicans. Washington would

have been disappointed.


                                                                                                                                    Group 5

                                                                                                                                    Period 1

George Washington Biography

            George Washington, America’s first president, and one ambitious man. Washington was one that was immensely involved in American Independence, which is overwhelmingly crucial to how the foundations of the civilization today came to be. With his actions and efforts, America came to be an extremely powerful country, that has had effect on all other countries of the world. With this came his war achievements of him being commander in chief of the Continental Army, (the army fighting for American Independence), and served the first two terms as an American president. Washington was greatly aware of the power he held however, and knew his actions would have an impact on the choices future presidents make. So Washington handed down the best virtues that he had, as he wanted the country to prosper for the better. Going back to Washington’s early years however, he was the son of a prosperous planter, which may have granted him greater access to many more things such as education, ect. In his teens, Washington actually was a successful surveyor, and he had a keen sense for mathematics. This ability to survey enacted him to aquire more wealth and land dominance over the New World, and precisely Virginia. As we know, when we think of Washington, we think of the state of Virginia, and Washington took immense pride and passion in his state, as that is how history worked back then. Most people were more sided with their states as opposed to the country as a whole. Growing up Washington had no military experience, however, in 1752, Washington became leader of the Virginia militia forces which he had seen action in the French and Indian War. He eventually officially resigned his position and became more involved in politics at home. Washington was one astonishing of a man, primarily a genius. With scattered Continental forces in the American Revolution, he held the power to do his best at keeping them together as one, and that he did. As it was an immense struggle, Washington prevailed and maintained a positive leadership over the people. People tend to overlook the fact that during this time still, Washington had very little military experience, so he actually went to libraries to read books on military strategies. He had put in the effort for success and he had achieved it. After American Independence had been gained, he had wanted to return peacefully to his home and not become involved in politics any longer, but that is not what pulled through. Washington fell to the public, as they had wanted him to maintain leadership, and became America’s first president. After serving his terms, Washington and his wife Martha had finally returned to Mount Vernon, their home. While Washington was at Mount Vernon he had been overlooking the farming that was being done on his plantation, and the weather had turned very rainy. His clothes were very dampened, which in turn was recommended they be discarded, but he had kept them on. During this historical period, such a small incident as this could hold the potential of causing a sickness, and that it did. It eventually led to George Washington’s death on December 14, 1799. George Washington’s life was very influential to others, and had a massive impact on history itself. Throughout the years of America, all Americans will know who George Washington is, because he was one of the founders of this great country, and he sacrificed a great amount in doing so. Washington had no thirst for power, which leads to the fact that he was opposed to dictatorship. This is why Washington had no thirst for such immense power, and wanted America to prosper.