Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

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P.O.T.Y Awards

     In today’s modern world, it is very difficult to find people who have experienced various career paths by the time they are in their mid-thirties. While most people of the 21st century dedicate themselves to one area of study, that was not the case for those who founded our nation. Most had taken part in the American Revolution, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, and/or had expressed interest in studies outside of the realm of politics prior to the liberation from Great Britain. In particular, one of those men not only fought in the Revolutionary War, but also continuously pushed for the ratification of the United States’ Constitution. Being raised in an impoverished family without a father, a man who had abandoned him and his mother in the early years of his life, did not hold him back from living a meaningful and respectable life. He was a soldier, political scientist, government official, journalist, military leader, economist, and lawyer. By beginning to work at the age of 11, this person initiated a series of events that would help him voyage to America and pursue his dreams.  At just the age of 16, he sacrificed his studies at King’s College, later renamed Colombia University, upon his arrival to New York City to defend a series of colonies that were at stake. He then joined forces with the patriots to protest taxes imposed by Britain and commercial business regulations. This gentleman was very humble while taking part in the New York Provincial Artillery Company in 1775 and worked diligently to make his way up to assistant and trusted adviser of General Washington. In the later years of his life, he transformed into the architect and author of The Federalist Papers, which were perhaps the most influential contributors to the passage of the U.S Constitution. It would be a great honor to present the 2015 P.O.T.Y Award to the 1st U.S. Secretary of Treasury,

      Alexander Hamilton, for his role in the beginnings of America and for founding the very first ideas on how to secure the U.S economy when no one else had a clue on how to do so.


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              Alexander Hamilton, preferably known as Alexander Hamsome became a successful man quite rapidly due to his bravery and honesty as both a warrior and contributor to the government. Not only did Hamilton become a member of the Continental Congress, but he also ended the national debt. Without his marvelous help, the country would be super duper broke. All his $10 bills, which his sexy and intellectual face appear on, helped stop that national debt. Those who choose to listen to their hearts and do what everyone knows is right will get a reward of multiple $10 and I mean MULTIPLE!!! In addition, without his Thorrrrrry like looks and bravery, during the American Revolution, no one would have survived that bloody battle. It's recalled that as the coward British tried to fight us, they ended up fleeing like little girls saying "Ay Ay Ay mijo, leave me alone! Ay Ay Ay I'm so scared.....Ay Ay Ay Ay!" As he grew up, Alexander Hamilton lead a life as an intellectual for he earned his education and then later went and fought in the American Revolution. Not only that but he became the constructor of the Federalists Papers and went about forming the Bank of the United States. Not only did he help found this country but he established the earliest forms of the economy and when early in his days he was part of the Continental Congress, he helped set up the precursor for the government. If a man like this can't be the winner of the POTY Awards, then who can????? Definitely not Abraham Lincoln nor Dr. Seuss and none the less, Teddy Roosevelt. With his contribution to society even the first president of the United States agreed that Alexander Hamilton was the best candidate for the award. His ability to get things done and his resilience that no matter who put him down, he would get back up. Even though he knew there was bound to be a dual with Aaron Burr, he wasn't afraid to put his life at stake for the country. I don't think anyone else would have the guts to deal with all of this. A man of honor. A man of morals and great character is the ideal man that all wish to be. Him setting the example for all others will only provide for a better community and progression of us as a whole to a better future. Not only have Hamilton’s past affected those back then but they continue to influence the United States until this day and only make us strive for a better future that would bring the debt down, calm war down and relations with others, but most importantly help alleviate domestic relations. The person of the year/the person of the hearts of all/the man of honor is no one but Hamilton.

                Many have stated that you can't judge a book by its cover and just because Hamilton is so darn cute, is no reason for people to think that he isn't educated, deserving of the award, nor that he brought no contribution to the United States. If you want to make the rest of your life the bet of your life, then choose Alexander Hamilton. The amount of occupations he had in his life make him worthy of this award. Without him America would be in a worse shape. If everyone doesn't want his name to be left in vain, then they must vote for him.





Countryman, E. A & E Television Networks (May 27,2015)

         Alexander Hamilton,

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