U0: Course Overview

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a college-level experience and preparation for the AP Exam in May.  Students in APUSH will become apprentice historians, not only having a better understanding of key events in history and their effects on society, but will also learn how to apply the “skills of a historian” to become more adept critical thinkers and, therefore, have a better understanding of American society. The “skills of a historian” include, but are not limited to chronological reasoning, making historical connections, analyzing historical evidence, and historical interpretation and synthesis.  In teaching U.S. History, the course will emphasize a series of nine key themes throughout the year.  These College Board determined themes are essential to a comprehensive study of United States History.  The course will trace these themes throughout the year, emphasizing the ways in which they are interconnected and examining the ways in which each helps to shape the changes over time that are so important to understanding the United States.  Each unit also utilizes discussions of and writing about related historiography:  how interpretations of events have changed over time, how the issues of one time period have had an impact on the experiences and decisions of subsequent generations, and how such reevaluations of the past continued to shape the way historians see the world today. These discussions are woven throughout the course.  There will also be unit specific discussion topics generated by possible short answer, long essay, multiple choice responses and/or document based questions during each unit.  In addition to discussion, for every unit students will be required to identify and show the significance of key terms and do unit-reading breakdowns of the required readings.

General Course Documents

Active Reader: The Essentials